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Ocean Collection

We all love summer time, the sun up in the sky, vacations with friends and family, going to the beach.  It is definitely one of the most fun seasons of the year. Rolling waves bring good times and many different qualities of blue as they approach the beach, and the changing shades of the surface
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handmade Jewel

The charm of handmade jewelery lies in the exclusivity and uniqueness that every piece possesses, think about the process behind it, the hands that finesse and lovingly molded it, and the artisan who with years of experience and learning of ancestral techniques created a beautiful jewel using materials that the earth gave us. Here is
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Milagros and Chickboss Jewelry

We recently welcomed two new groups of artisans to Casa de los Gigantes family, the first is Milagros organization whose mission is to economically empower disadvantaged young women in Guatemala. They do this through learning programs of practical skills enabling them to become self-reliant, that’s how a group of young girls started working with silver
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The benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation Meditation has become so popular lately, and is one of the good things of this time because of the benefits that brings to our lives. Meditations has many meanings and ways of doing it, however its main objective is to self-regulate the mind, many people use it for relieve stress, depression
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The best way to start 2017

We have just started a new year, this means new beginnings, more opportunities, and chances to make things better that the last year. Probably you already have your list of resolutions and goals, that’s why we recommend you to keep a journal, It’s scientifically proven that the people who writes down their resolutions it’s more
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How to choose the right table linen for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is getting closer and having the right decoration for the dining table is a top priority, here are some tips for choosing the right table linens for the occasion. Thanksgiving is a familiar and friendly event so you don’t have to worry about a to formal table linens like for weddings. If you have
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Reasons to use duvet covers

It is that time of the year in which cold makes its arrival, and we must make adjustments to our bedrooms with the right accessories, also it´s a good chance to give a new look to our home. There are so many options of bedspreads, duvets, quilts, and in variety of materials such as cotton,
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Dance Of the Deer Legend

The dance of the deer is a very popular act performed in village festivals. The dance tells the story when the Spanish would visit different regions and watch the wildlife crossing their roads, they would turn to the Maya asking the names of the animals, they responded that they were called “deer”.   The Spanish
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What travelers need

  Who doesn’t love to travel, see new places, learn about other cultures and experience new things that will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. However, travelers need certain accessories to make their experience more pleasant. Our collection of accessories is designed to help you organize those things that you need
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About Saints

Do you know the meaning and the patronage of Saints? Here we share you information about some of the most revered saints in Guatemala: Saint Christopher The legend tells that Christopher was a very big and strong man, and under the instruction of a hermit he learned the Christian faith. The hermit  told him that
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