Bat’z Unisex Collection

This collection was created thinking on the needs of  travelers, and of course it is also for anyone who likes to have his things organized.

The collection is based on the Mayan iconography and nahuales, using the traditional Jaspe and leather as artistic materials to represent the inspiration of Melissa Mazariegos, one of the design students that collaborated with us this year.

The items that make up this line are:

Backpack mostly made with leather and a touch of jaspe in the pockets.

Briefcase, you can use it to carry your University or work stuff.

Passport holder, with a long strap to carry aside, also great for carry your phone, wallet or important things.

Toiletry case, a great space saver for packing all your essentials.

Chargers case, eliminates the clutter in your chargers, headsets and any other cables that you are carrying.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do, and remember if you want to know more about it come to the store!.