Christmas Guest Towels

Part of our mission is to help artisans achieve better living standards.  We contribute to this by improving and innovating their craftsmanship, and in this occasion we did it through a new collection of guest towels.

DSC07596 (1)

For our new collection of christmas guest towels we are working with two artisans, first we have Eladio who is an experienced weaver especially in foot pedal loom, He is in charge of creating the towel itself, made with cotton threads.  Once they have been woven we give them to a team of embroiderers from the area of Patzún.  They bring to life the six fun and merry designs hand embroidering them with shiny thread.


With the assistance of our friend and extraordinary designer Gabriela Gomez we present to you: reindeer, manger, mistletoe, branches, Christmas baubles and Christmas porcupine; available in red and white fabric.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do, and remember that by acquiring  a piece that is handmade you are not just getting a unique product you are also helping to provide a better life for artisans and their families.