Do you sell outside of Guatemala?

Yes, our products are sold in many countries outside Guatemala.

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How can we care for our teak board?

Your teak board will keep its wonderful grain if you rub it periodically with any edible oil.  Never put your board in hot water or in the dishwasher.

What do you mean by coffee root wood?

Coffee plants have a productive life of about 8 years, after which they are taken out to plant new ones in their place.  Artisans use these discarded roots to make a variety of products.

Are there different types of seed beads?

Yes, there are several qualities of seed beads.  The most common and inexpensive are plastic and brought from China. A little better quality is found in the Check beads because they are glass beads.  The best quality of beads comes from Japan; they have a superior way to keep them regular in size and the variety of colors is outstanding.

Are you Fair Trade?

Absolutely!  Casa de los Gigantes has always lived by the principles of Fair Trade.  Our many years of work in crafts are testimony of this.  Because of the high costs of membership we do not belong to any of the fair trade federations that exist in the US or Europe.

How soon will you deliver my order?

If the product is already in inventory we will ship within fifteenth days.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we have over 20 years experience exporting to the United States, Canada, Spain, Australia, Austria, Germany, Central and South America.

What other materials do you work?

Our specialties are wood, mainly teak and pine, and we also work textiles, pine needles and other natural fibers, and we work beaded products as well.

Can you produce my own designs?

The beauty about handmade products is precisely being able to make one-of- a-kind pieces, just like our clients envision them.

Do you sell outside of Guatemala?

Yes, our products are sold in many countries outside Guatemala.

What does it mean made with pine needles?

Did you know that the genus PINE originated in Central America?  There is a great variety of pine trees in our forests and our artisans pick the needles that fall from the trees, they clean them and dry them so that they can weave baskets and other products including jewellery.