Happy Father’s day


Father’s Day is coming up and here at Casa de los Gigantes we hold this holiday very close to our hearts. Fathers are very important in our personal lives as well as in the lives of our artisans. With Guatemalan artisans, the tradition of creating is passed down from father to child. When the child is young, the artisan carpenters start by teaching their child to sand. Slowly, year by year they build up their skills and may start to paint the base coat of the pieces. The final and most difficult thing they are taught is how to carve. This takes time, patience, and appreciation for the materials used. All throughout the learning experience both the fun and the more tedious parts, the father is there to guide the child and develop a close relationship based on the shared activity. Instilling in them both a practical skill set and personal qualities of patience, perseverance, and pride in a job well done.


While living here in Antigua, I have seen the importance in this familial connection. Watching the local artisans pass down their knowledge and skills as if passing down a family heirloom. In the crafts that are made by them I now not only see the hands of the artisan laboring hard with love, but I see the hands of all the generations past that have guided them to this point.

From all of us at Casa de los Gigantes to all the father’s out there thank you for loving your children with all of your hearts. Happy Father’s Day!