New World Craft Fair

DSC06268The New World Craft Fair took place few days ago, an event where the most innovative and new trends in crafts are presented to international buyers.

This was the perfect opportunity to introduce to the world our more recent projects; they involve young designers, artisans with traditional techniques who are willing to innovate their art, and the good experienced eye of Casa de los Gigantes to bring to life a whole new concept of Guatemalan crafts.

DSC06203Buyers from many countries around the world admired our Wootec teak home decorative pieces, our elegant Serpentina jaspe bedroom accessories; our many and fun hand embroidered towels, our Bat’z unisex collection of leather and jaspe bags, and jewelry made with high quality beads.   We will tell you more about each new line that was presented at NWCF in the weeks to come.

We are happy to share all of these new products with our loyal store customers.