Ocean Collection

We all love summer time, the sun up in the sky, vacations with friends and family, going to the beach.  It is definitely one of the most fun seasons of the year.

Rolling waves bring good times and many different qualities of blue as they approach the beach, and the changing shades of the surface of the ocean as the sun moves across the sky  inspired us to develop this fabric.


This fabric is hand made in a pedal loom, using best quality cotton threads.

Our collection includes a coin purse that can also fit your credit cards, lipstick case for your daily makeup, eyeglass case to protect your glasses, cosmetic bag for all your cosmetics, a travelers cosmetic bag with plastic lining and several pockets to organize your travel essentials, a small very functional shoulder bag, a beach bag to carry everything you need and a stylish handbag with leather decorations and a removable strap, you can use it both handbag or crossbody bag; all of them decorated with a blue tones pom pom.


These accessories will make you feel the summer season all year long!