Chicken Cutting and Serving Board


This small whimsical board in the shape of a chicken can be used for heavy-duty cutting or for serving – or use one side for each. Perfect for hors d’oeuvres, charcuterie, garnishes, or cheese and crackers.

Esta tabla es muy versátil. Se puede usar para cortar o servir – use un lado para cortar y el otro para servir. Perfecto para servir queso y galletas, charcutería, entremeses, guarniciones, o hasta como decoración en su cocina.

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Additional information

Dimensions 16 x 12 x 1 in
Additional information

Our woodworkers have finished the boards with mineral oil in order to preserve the natural, warm tones for which conacaste is famous.
Instructions for care:
We recommend applying mineral oil every two weeks to maintain your board in optimal condition.
Always keep wooden boards away from humid or extremely dry conditions, as extreme temperatures can cause wood to expand or contract, causing small cracks.
Try to ensure that you use the whole surface when cutting, so that it wears evenly.
Turn your board over periodically in order to use both sides and spread out the wear more evenly.