About Saints

Do you know the meaning and the patronage of Saints?

Here we share you information about some of the most revered saints in Guatemala:

Saint Christopher

The legend tells that Christopher was a very big and strong man, and under the instruction of a hermit he learned the Christian faith. The hermit  told him that because of his size and strength he could help travellers to cross a dangerous river and that service would please Christ.

One day a little child asked Christopher to take him across the river  and as they crossed, the water flow increased and the child became as heavy as lead. When they reached the other side, the child told him that he had carried not only the weight of the world but the one who made it, and then the kid vanished, he realized it was the Christ child.

Christopher is the saint of travelers, and in Guatemala on the day of Saint Christopher the chicken buses are decorated with balloons, flowers and more asking for protection.




Saint Jude Thaddeus


They  have given many meanings to his name such as “brave”, “kindhearted man” and more. He was one of the twelve apostles, popularly known for being the saint of lost causes and desperate cases. And many devotees around the world ask him to intercede with God on their behalf.



Saint Anthony

He was a priest known for his ability to preach. He is the saint of lost items, and the saint for those seeking a relationship; a popular custom says that single women should put the figure of Saint Anthony upside down as punishment until he gets them a good husband.



Saint Francis of Assisi

One the most venerated and loved saints in Guatemala, is the patron saint of pets, environment and merchants.



Saint Joseph and the Child

Also known as the silent saint, he became Mary’s husband and putative father of Jesus, he is the patron saint of carpenters, immigrants, travelers and unborn children. He is considered the protector of families.



Virgin Of Carmen

Is the patron saint of the sea and faithful protector of fishermen.



Virgin Of Guadalupe

It’s one of the most popular and venerated in Latin America, many people visit her temple and ask for all kinds of favors, many of which come true.