Rodrigo started his career as artisan at a very young age, learning different painting techniques from his father. He began making nativities, but recently he decided to create new pieces. He has always thought  that angels represent what is good in all of us.  Angels protect children, accompany people in difficult travels and inspire us to be a positive force in life.  Rodrigo also realized that since they are universally known, they accompany and protect us regardless what culture we belong to.

After finding a good piece of wood, he has to let it dry thoroughly.  Then he carves the figure according to the nature of the wood, he says the wood tells him what to carve.  Finally he paints it bringing the figure to life.


His inspiration for the painting are the small things that accompanied him since he was a little boy, the flowers around his home, the embroidery from his mother and sisters huipiles and the colorful of the houses from his village.

Rodrigo’s angels come in many guises: kneeling, sitting, as hearts, flying and more, all of them painted with a lot of care and dedication.

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