April in Guatemala & Earth Day



Easter falls in April this year, and as such, April will an exciting month in Guatemala, and especially in Antigua. It is the most colorful time of the year. Jacaranda trees will be flowering in their majestic, vivid purple. Carpets made of colored sawdust and flowers will line the streets of Antigua, ready for church groups to walk over them carrying stunning statues of religious figures in the Catholic faith, accompanied by mournful bands. The men in the processions are called “cucuruchos,” and they will wear purple robes; the women will wear black skirts, white blouses, and black veils. Incense will fill the air. It is a time of renewal, of joy, of mourning, and of celebration.

In other parts of the world, namely the United States, Easter will look very different. Easter bunnies, painted eggs, chocolate and candy will fill the minds, hands, and mouths of children and adults alike. It is a time of games and Easter egg hunts. It is the time of year when the largest quantity of chocolate is consumed across the United States.

With both kinds of celebration in mind, as well as Earth Day on April 22, we are breaking out a new collection of cutting & serving boards (the Minimanimals) and napkin holders. Both collections consist of different animals hand-carved out of wood. 


Our Minimanimals boards are playful yet minimalist. With simple lines and carvings (a half- moon carving for an eye, for example) each board conveys the silhouette of one of six animals: a chicken, a rabbit, a fox, an owl, a barn owl, or a pig. You can make your Pascua or your Easter celebrations more fun with any or all of the serving and cutting boards, hand-crafted out of sustainably harvested conacaste wood.

There is another way to bring even more nature into your home for Earth Day: with our napkin holders. They are handcrafted from a variety of woods: coffee root, mahogany, cedar, or ebony wood. Like the Minimanimals boards, they take the shape of animals, but there is an even greater variety. We are offering napkin holders in the shape of over 30 different animals. There are elephants, whales, meerkats, toucans, anteaters, monkeys, butterflies, wolves, dolphins, hummingbirds, parrots, and cats, and many others. There are also, of course, rabbits, for Easter celebrations. A dinner celebration with these napkin holders would be especially fun because each guest could have their own little animal. So, bring a little Earth Day into your home this April.