Bring a Timeless Tropical Sparkle to Your Dining Table

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find table decor that is timeless. With our Botanical Collection of table settings, you can bring the tropical colors of Guatemala into your home as decoration for your dining table, perfect for everyday dining table decor or for a more elegant meal. Our newest collection of reversible table linen combines the clean, simple off-white of natural raw cotton with four varieties of color combinations. Since the collection is reversible, you can alter your table decor by simply turning the table runner or placemats over to highlight the same colors but with slightly different designs. This makes our collection the perfect everyday dining table decor. Each of our four varieties represents the colors of different Guatemalan flowers.


These unique table runner and placemats sets have an interesting history. Our partner weaver and her extended family, located in Chimaltenango, wove each thread of these pieces by hand. Over the years, they have expanded their workshop through their partnership with us. Now, they have five looms in their home and workshop. This has empowered them to become self-sustainable at this time when many artisans are struggling due to the current global conditions.


This table linen collection began when we adapted a piece our weaving partner from Chimaltenango made for us last year. Together, we collaborated with her to design a new collection using cotton threads dyed at a factory that guarantees all of their threads are azo free. We experimented with new and different color combinations, inspired by the colors of the tropical flowers in Guatemala. Our inspirations include the Heliconia flower with its vivid reds, yellows, and greens. Another color combination incorporates the gentle sky blues and vibrant navy blues of Hydrangea flowers. Dalias were the inspiration for the collection that combines coral pink and dark blue. Finally, we recreated the stunning colors of a Sunflower by weaving together vivid yellows and browns. All of our pieces in this collection include subtle golden threads interwoven into the floral patterns, adding a sparkle to your dining table.


Each hand woven piece tells a story. The weavers use ancestral patterns and techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation in Guatemala. One of the techniques they use for this collection is called “entorchado.” When using this weaving method, an artisan mixes two or three different colors in their work in such a way that they look like they are changing all the time. Our weaving partners also incorporate traditional Guatemalan patterns like diamonds (read more about the symbolism in Guatemalan textiles here) that provide a texture to the pieces in this collection that is subtle and beautiful. The weavers have also adapted and designed their patterns to create simpler, cleaner lines that perfectly match a more modern and minimalist style.


This collection will brighten your everyday dining table decor and, being reversible, it will save you time searching for a different look. Delight in a tropical sparkle on your table year-round. Combine the table runner and placemats with our wooden bowls and serving boards for a simple, elegant, and timeless style.

A month ago

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