Home decoration: 5 tips to liven up your bedroom with pillows & cushions

Casa de Los Gigantes pillows on a piece of furnitureHome decor magazines are filled with images of sprawling interior spaces, complete with tasteful design items.

But when it comes to decorating your interior spaces, where do you start?

Using elegant pillows in rich, vibrant colors is a great way to beautify your interior spaces, and can do wonders for your living room or bedroom.

All you need to get started are some basic principles!


5 tips on decorating your bedroom with pillows & cushions

We all spend a significant portion of our lives in our bedrooms recharging for the next day. Roughly one-third of our lives are spent in bed!

It’s important to enjoy your bedroom as much as possible, so adding some comfortable pillows to the mix can be a great investment. Start by reading the following tips, which will help you create a beautiful and unique room.

  1. Harmonize the color of your bed and throw pillows. Choose an ideal color for your throw pillows - preferably something that matches and/or compliments that of your bed and any other furniture you plan to include in your room. If your bedroom already has an established ambience, this can be a little more tricky. For example, if your bedroom’s dominant tones are in the blue family, you may want to add something similar, such as the indigo blue throw pillows from our handwoven collection.
  2. If you already have a favorite throw pillow, the rest of the pillows should complement it. So many of us have a treasured pillow or cushion we are unlikely to part with easily. If this is the case for you and you want to refresh your bedroom with new throw pillows, you should choose ones that have matching or complementary color schemes and/or patterns to your favorite.
  3. Before you start arranging pillows, think about your headboard! If you have a queen bed with a large headboard that is higher than 2 feet, you can easily improve its appearance by adding more pillows to your bed. But if you are decorating a bed with no headboard, you might want to consider a more minimalistic approach, using fewer and/or smaller pillows that will not look cluttered or use up too much space.
  4. Stack your throw pillows for maximum impact. Casa de Los Gigantes pillow detailStacking pillows symmetrically can make a huge impact whenever anyone enters your bedroom space. In fact, this is also true if you are arranging throw pillows on your couch or window seat. Always strive to place the most prominent sized pillows first on each side, and as you move to the inside with your arrangement, make sure that your pillows are reducing in size, with the smallest being a centerpiece. This works best if you are using three of four different-sized pairs of pillows. This trick also helps if your throw pillows are in different fabrics.
  5. Take into account your bed size! Normally, queen bed pillow arrangements will differ from twin bed pillow arrangements. You may want to use more pillows for your queen bed while sticking to three at most for a twin bed. Once you have grasped the basic principles, you can move on to specifics such as selecting the fabrics and patterns for your throw pillows. 
Creating an authentic and uplifting bedroom aesthetic can be a rejuvenating and enjoyable experience. We hope that this guide will help you brighten up your bedroom and get a great night’s sleep!

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