For 2021: Colors & Handmade Decor with Positive Energy

gray table runner with jaguar mask handmade

New Year’s Eve is not only a time for celebration, but it also usually a time for us to make New Year’s Resolutions as we seek to incorporate fresh habits and healthier ways of living to feel better about ourselves. It’s also a great moment for meditation and introspection - to look into the past and take stock of what we did all year, and to improve what we feel is necessary.


For 2021, Casa de los Gigantes invites you to discover our world: innovative handmade home decor, kitchen, and fashion products skillfully crafted in Guatemala using ancient Mayan techniques. We seek to make our products eco-friendly through the use of sustainable materials.

gray and white decorative cushions


Our purpose is to strengthen our community of artisans by providing them with the space and materials to express themselves. But not only that - Casa de los Gigantes is proud of its mission: we strive to help Guatemalan artists make a dignified living while transmitting their knowledge and techniques, including the use of the foot loom, from generation to generation.


After 2020, home decor trends for 2021 invite us all to be more positive. The Pantone Institute has announced not one, but two colors of the year: gray and yellow. Or as they officially call them, “PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.” The concept is two colors that contrast, yet complement each other. Yellow represents energy, well-being and clarity, whilst gray signals reassurance, resilience, strength.


Following this 2021 year trend, Casa de los Gigantes dares you to style your household checking out our new linens, kitchen and dining products. Take our set of handwoven napkins, for example. They are available in eight colors, amongst which you will find different tonalities of yellow and gray, as colors of the year:

Handwoven Napkins

Handwoven NapkinsThese cloth napkins have been handmade on foot loom and present a delicate row of cotton fringes that makes them extra trendy on your dinner table.


A handcrafted central table runner is also a great home decor item. Exhibit this Ikat Design Table Runner on your coffee table for five o’ clock tea with friends and enjoy these soothing colors and patterns that bring to life the Mayan culture.

Gray and white table runner 

Available in three colors, Casa de los Gigantes incorporates 2021 trends making an outstanding gray presentation of this table runner, together with the cotton fringes and jaspe technique design. Your guests will be thrilled with these joyful combinations. Complete your household and kitchen linen collection with these original Ikat Design sets of coasters. Simply stunning. The corner fringes are gracefully cute. Also portraying one of the colors of the year 2021, the cloth coasters present themselves in a dark gray tone contrasting with a plain natural beige cotton thread.

gray coasters


Whether for a special occasion or everyday lunches and dinners, these home decor products, completely handmade in Guatemala by Casa de los Gigantes’ artisans, will cheer your day and will make any room in your house feel more cozy and stylish. Follow the 2021 year trends and colors, adopting them into your household. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to keep up with the latest releases.

Bring colors and accessories that represent positive energy and resilience to your home to begin 2021. Happy New Year!



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