Bring a Guatemalan Easter to Your Home This Year


Easter is one of everybody’s favorite festivities, and is particularly meaningful in Catholic countries like Guatemala, due to its symbolism. This holiday is so important that, in some countries, they celebrate it for an entire week. But have you ever seen the outstanding Guatemalan Easter celebrations that last more than a month?


Famous for its vibrant colors and unique designs, Antigua Guatemala wonderfully transforms itself during Holy Week with its colored sawdust carpets placed on the city’s streets, where the religious processions carry statues throughout the day. These statues may include the Virgin Mary, different Saints, and, of course, Jesus on the cross.


The hard work, commitment and dedication for these luxurious, endless street carpets takes months of preparation and some of them even include fresh flowers and fruit.

However, since this year Easter will be different due to the pandemic, Casa de los Gigantes proposes a new approach: bring Guatemalan Easter to your home. Enjoy this holiday with your family and loved ones by creating a sweet and comfortable atmosphere at home, with carefully handmade colorful products, such as tablecloths, linens and home décor items.


If you want to surprise your guests with a special lunch or dinner, our exquisite hand woven table runners and placemats will enhance any room due to their level of sophistication and detail. Their cotton tassels are just adorable. Feel free to combine the placemats with handcrafted coasters for a total matching tablescape. Or use our bunny napkin rings in your table settings to add a touch of whimsy.


Our “storyteller” embroidered pillowcases are unique and truly works of art. Each one depicts a different scene from Holy Week. Our green Holy Week storyteller pillowcase portrays the traditional Guatemalan procession on Easter Friday, in which a statue of Jesus carrying the cross is carried by men in purple robes across all of the streets of Antigua and over each beautiful carpet. This masterpiece will be the focus of attention in your living room.


But not only your living room, kitchen or dinner table can benefit from a cozy Easter look. Widely known in Western culture, the Easter Bunny is a popular figure amongst kids since it delivers chocolate eggs.


For this reason, Casa de los Gigantes offers home decor items completely handmade with pine wood by Guatemalan artisans, such as this lovely rabbit figurine suitable for your kids’ bedroom. 


The cheerful colors are perfect for Easter and will spread joy around the house, reminding you of the vivid colors of Guatemala. Its flower pattern was carefully designed and hand painted with finishing details upon the rabbit’s paws and ears.


If you want to go for a bold statement for Easter, Casa de los Gigantes also presents these decorative wooden rabbit masks, sophisticatedly hand carved and also hand painted to the last detail. You can place them at your front door to receive guests or to spread the Easter spirit around your neighborhood.


Last but not least, our one-of-a-kind hand painted wooden Easter eggs are the perfect decoration for your table or mantelpiece and, best of all, you can use them year-after-year! And speaking of Easter eggs - what about a colorful hand woven basket that the kids can use to collect their Easter eggs, and that you can use at other times as a picnic basket or even a shopping basket?

Despite the fact that we may not be able to celebrate Easter this year outside on the streets, we will always offer the latest home décor and kitchenware with 100% handmade products with an innovative twist. We do so while respecting the hard work and traditions of our local artisans and communities.


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Cover photograph was taken by Ronald Cuyan and accessed at Unsplash in 2020

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