Restyle Your Home for 2021

Last month, the Pantone Institute announced not one, but two colors of the year: yellow and gray. Their proposal is that 2021 should be a more positive year for all - compared to 2020, of course- and these two tones mixed together should help us overcome difficult situations, given their significance.


Casa de los Gigantes will follow this color trend throughout 2021 presenting handmade home decor items and handcrafted kitchenware linens, to help you style your home in line with this new trend.


For your kitchen and everyday use, these hand-finished rectangular placemats are available in a set of four units and you can display them in your dining room during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Any occasion will be perfect to make the most out of them. Our Guatemalan artisans have elaborated five different colors, amongst which are a set that combine white and gray, transmitting calmness and elegance:


The Ikat design is very representative of the Mayan culture and the final touch is given by the graceful tassels on the corners, which, of course, match the 2021 color of the year.


Gray is usually interpreted as a sad color, but it also represents strength, solidity, formality and resilience. For home decor matters, since gray is the mixture between black and white, it is considered a neutral color and very sophisticated. It is commonly used for wallpapers, furniture and kitchenware accessories. It is deeply elegant and blends very well with different types of colors.


Not only can you use these handmade rectangular placemats in your dining room, but they can be extra helpful on your coffee table as well for tea time with family and friends.


If you’d like to go for a bold style in your entire household, the Ikat design is also available in handwoven square pillow covers, handcrafted rectangular lumbar pillowcases and handmade rectangular table runners. All of them are in gray tonalities.


The other color of the year is yellow which is a synonym of well-being. It equals energy, shine, sunlight and positivity. But not only that. Within interior design and colorimetry, yellow is a warm tone that helps to enlarge small spaces and blends beautifully with red, orange, green and white. If you like contrast instead, yellow can be matched with blue and purple. The effect will be more striking. For this reason, yellow can also help disguise imperfections, as it will draw all the attention in a room.


Take our carefully handcrafted napkins, for example, and imagine them in your dining room. This striking yellow called Chartreuse will receive all the compliments from your guests. Still, if you prefer a smooth shade this cotton napkins, they are also available in light yellow and cream:


The row of cotton tassels gives these napkins the perfect finish. Not only will you be transported back in time when cloth was used instead of paper, but you’ll be supporting our values of commitment to a more conscious, eco-sustainable and paperless world.


All of these household items are available online at Casa de los Gigantes. We invite you to follow our social networks, not only to keep up with latest home decor trends, but new product releases as well.


If you’d like to restyle your household or add striking decorative items to it, but are unsure what to choose, feel free to contact us to receive personalized advice from one of our home decor specialists and artisans.



A month ago

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