The Story Behind Our Barista Coffee Cups

The history of coffee in Guatemala dates back to the 18th century and now, our coffee is known around the world. An artisan here in Guatemala has decided to create barista mugs to show off one of Guatemala’s greatest treasures. She wanted to create a mug that complemented the wonderful coffee we have here, and to highlight its rich color, smell, and flavor.


Therefore, for the past year or so, this talented artisan partner of ours has been developing this set of barista mugs. Over this period, she has taken the mugs to several of the best baristas in Guatemala throughout this process to seek their feedback, using their comments to further perfect the design and color of the mugs.


The final product is three stunning conically-shaped mugs.

We were blown away by the elegant simplicity of these mugs, which belies their intricate and thoughtful design. The lower and upper parts of the external mug are different, both for functional and aesthetic reasons. The lower part of the mug shows off the natural tones of the ceramic itself, with gentle indentations turned into the clay, creating a natural, earthy texture. This delicately contrasts with the smooth, white glaze of the upper section. The handle of the mug has also been thoughtfully designed for comfort and elegance. You can slip one finger through the handle and your thumb underneath to hold it comfortably and easily. Perfect for that morning cup!


We invite you to brew your favorite roast, marveling at its rich dark color as you pour it into your mug, and enjoy every sip with this beautiful mug. We have the perfect sizes to meet your personal coffee needs - a 2-ounce mug for an espresso, a 6-ounce mug for your cappuccino, and a 10-ounce one for your latte. Also, we have combined these with a collection with our eco-friendly coffee products for dining and serving, which are absolutely beautiful. Check out the complete collection here.

A month ago

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