This Valentine's Day - Remaining Connected While Apart

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the friends, family, and romantic relationships in our lives. With some creativity, we can celebrate them just as much this year and remain connected even if we are physically apart. 


Some people are setting up Zoom meetings with family and friends. Others are setting up romantic indoor picnics with their special someone. Others are sending special gifts to their loved ones to remind them that they are thinking of them. Some are bringing colorful decorations into their home to get through the winter blues and bring some fun and joy into their daily lives. Others are preparing special meals to bring to a loved one in bed. Some people are doing all of the above, and more. Every detail counts. 

It’s a time for strengthening those connections with one another. We have some items at Casa de los Gigantes that might be the perfect addition to your indoor picnic with candlelight, the ideal gift to remind someone of you, or an artistic plate, serving spoon, or serving board for that special meal. Every one of them is lovingly handmade by Guatemalan artisans. Every detail is crafted with care to create a unique treasure.



We have been strengthening our relationships with our artisans as we design new home decor and fashion accessories for this new year, uniting to overcome these challenging times and finding joy in the beautiful pieces that result from these collaborations. We are proud that our store strengthens the connection between Guatemalan artisans and the rest of the world, bringing our cultures and communities closer. We hope your Valentine’s Day celebrations, whatever they may be, also bring a smile to your face and the faces of those you love. 


A month ago

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