Red Lumbar Pillows - Nahuala Stars
Red Lumbar Pillows - Nahuala Stars

Red Lumbar Pillows - Nahuala Stars

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These stunning red lumbar pillows will bring color and joy to any room. They were hand woven using 100% cotton and then embroidered by extraordinary weavers from Nahualá in Guatemala.
The eye-catching colors contrast and complement one another, the vivid red perfectly combining with the dark pink, and the white background serving as the perfect canvas for this work of art. 
Every one of these red lumbar pillows is unique, being made entirely by hand. The designs and patterns each have a special significance, symbolizing different aspects of Guatemalan culture. The symbols have been taught over generations, and now are incorporated into a more modern design in these beautiful pillows. 
When decorating your home with these beautiful embroidered woven pillows, you will be bringing a piece of Guatemalan culture into your home.
Item details: 
  • Materials: 100% cotton 
  • Technique: Woven and embroidered by hand
  • Colors: White background, embroidery in dark pink and red
  • Dimensions: Lumbar: 22 x 12.5"
  • Directly sourced from artisan

Care & Maintenance

These beautiful lumbar pillow covers should be washed by hand or on a gentle cycle. The first time you wash them, hand wash them in cold water with a little salt or vinegar to set the colors. After that, you can wash them separately in the gentle cycle or by hand, but always with cold water. We recommend turning them inside out when you wash them. Do not leave the pillow covers to soak and line dry, out of the sun. Never put them in the dryer.


Following these instructions will help you ensure that these pillows beautify your home for many years!