Red Lumbar Pillows - Nahuala Stars & Waves
Red Lumbar Pillows - Nahuala Stars & Waves
Red Lumbar Pillows - Nahuala Stars & Waves
Lumbar pillow with white woven pillow cover with three coral red embroidered vertical designs

Red Lumbar Pillows - Nahuala Stars & Waves

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These classic luxury decorative throw pillows were handmade with 100% cotton on a backstrap loom in the beautiful area of Nahualá in Guatemala.
The unique combination of red, dark pink and white draws the eye and makes a beautiful addition to your sofa or bed.
Carefully handwoven and embroidered, each pillow is unique. Its patterns reflect ancestral Guatemalan patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.
When decorating your home with these beautiful embroidered woven pillows, you will be bringing a piece of Guatemalan culture into your home.
Item details: 
  • Materials: 100% cotton Handwoven on a backstrap loom
  • Colors: White background, red embroidery
  • Dimensions: Lumbar: 20x12" 
  • Directly sourced from artisan

Care & Maintenance

Your embroidered woven lumbar pillows will require special care to retain their color and avoid shrinkage. For the first wash, hand wash your throw pillows in cold water (since they are handmade with 100% cotton, they may shrink a tiny bit) with a little bit of salt or vinegar to set the colors. For additional washes, turn your lumbar pillow covers inside out. Hand wash separately in cold water or on a gentle cycle. Do not leave to soak. Line dry immediately. We recommend drying your lumbar pillow covers out of the sun to avoid fading. NEVER dry your lumbar pillow covers in the dryer.