Green throw pillows ikat design

Green Throw Pillows

Add a touch of nature to your living spaces. Casa de Los Gigantes has created a special collection of ethnic green throw pillows for customers who want to add a green flair to any room or interior space.
This collection is perfect if you’re looking for green pillows for couch, bed or living room decorations. These pillows add a vibrant touch of nature to your home, conjuring images of rainforests, pastures, and wild gardens. The color green symbolizes nature, renewal, harmony, and freshness, which is sure to revitalize any interior! Our green throw pillows are perfect for couch pillows in your sitting room or for client waiting rooms at your place of business. Their authentic green hues bring a notion of tranquility, calming busy minds and improving the room’s ambiance. They are a great investment for personal use but also make unusual and memorable gifts for friends whether they are moving house, getting married or celebrating a special anniversary. Our green throw pillows recapture intricate patterns that are characteristic of Guatemala. Each piece is handwoven on a foot loom by artisans from Guatemala who apply their ancestral knowledge of traditional weaving techniques and combine it with pattern designs emblematic to this country. Like our other handcrafted goods available on our online store, our green couch pillows are entirely sourced from natural materials and are here to bring our customer’s living spaces closer to nature. Instructions on how to take care of your green throw pillows are available on the item’s individual page. With every purchase you make, you are supporting the skilled work of our Guatemala-based artisans. As we create high-quality handmade goods from the heart of Central America, our business helps support the financial wellbeing of our artisans who are living and working there. Peruse our green throw pillows collection here.