Denim Apron with Detachable Leather Straps
Denim Apron with Detachable Leather Straps

Denim Apron with Detachable Leather Straps

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A handmade denim apron with pockets and detachable, adjustable leather straps is the perfect addition to a barbecue set of accessories. Durable, easy to wash, and stylish, this denim apron will look good on anyone.


The apron was made by hand by talented Guatemalan artisans with high-quality cotton and high-quality leather. The leather details are what make this apron stand out. The straps are adjustable and removable. Additionally, the design of the leather straps is such that the apron straps do not need to be tied. Rather, they are hooked, which makes it even easier to put this apron on in a pinch. The leather details on the three pockets tie the ensemble together.


Perfect for a master griller, an avid camper, a chef, a woodworker... this denim apron with leather straps is the ideal gift for anybody who needs a durable apron that is easy to care for.


Item details:

  • Material: Denim cotton and high-quality brown leather
  • Length: 33" Width of lower front section: 26.5"
  • Width of chest section: 10"
  • Length of the waist straps: 30" at maximum, including the hooks; 17.5" at minimum, including the hooks
  • The waist and neck straps are completely detachable
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Directly from the artisan


Care and Maintenance:

For the denim apron: Wash your apron before using it for the first time. First, remove the leather straps. Wash the apron by hand in cold water and let it hang dry out of the sun. Do not tumble dry. Especially for the first few washes, we recommend you wash the apron alone or with like-colored items.


For the leather straps: So that your leather looks its best and lasts a long time, we recommend you periodically treat it with a product that is specifically for leather care.