Wooden Wine Glass & Bottle Holder
Wooden Wine Glass & Bottle Holder
Wooden Wine Glass & Bottle Holder
Wooden Wine Glass & Bottle Holder

Wooden Wine Glass & Bottle Holder

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Serving wine is an elegant ritual, and trying to manage a bottle and glasses at the same time can be cumbersome. The bottle can tip over on a tray, as can the glasses. A wine glass and bottle holder like this one can provide the perfect solution. It is a balancing wine bottle holder so that the glasses are lifted off the table (they can either be facing up or down) and the bottle itself provides the support. A simple but elegant way to serve your bottle of wine and four glasses at a dinner table or a more casual event where everyone is standing.


A wooden wine glass holder like this one frees up one of your hands so you can carry something else, making it ideal for a situation in which you are the host and want to bring several things out at a time. Additionally, it keeps your bottles and stemware safe from falls.


Made with stunning, durable teak wood, this single wine bottle holder is meant to last you a long time, helping you serve your wine elegantly. Timeless and useful.


Item Details:

  • Materials: 100% teak from Guatemala, sustainably grown and harvested - an eco-friendly product
  • Dimensions: 7 ¼ x 7 x 0.5"
  • Colors: The rich, warm colors of teak wood*
  • *Please note all pieces will vary slightly in color due to the nature of the wood
  • Directly from the artisan

Care and Maintenance:

As with all of our teak wood products, this wine glass and bottle holder is very easy to care for. Wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it immediately. If you need to give it a deeper wash, you can use warm soap and water to do so and dry it right away. Do not leave it to soak. Keep it away from extreme hot or cold temperatures, as they can cause the wood to crack.