Wood Cutting Board with Knife Holder
Wood Cutting Board with Knife Holder
Wood Cutting Board with Knife Holder

Wood Cutting Board with Knife Holder

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There is nothing quite like eating a picnic out in the open air. However, taking everything you need with you for a picnic can be a chore. This wood cutting board with a knife holder helps you carry two very crucial items at one time, and keeps you safe from a rogue blade in your tote bag. Handmade by talented Guatemalan artisans, this is both decorative and highly functional.


This handmade wood cutting board is unique for its combination of woods. The cutting board section is made of “palo blanco” wood and the knife slot is made of “ron ron” wood. The combination of the two wood provides a strike contrast between the gentle, pale yellow of palo blanco and the deep red brown of the ron ron wood. Both woods are known for their durability.


A cutting board and a knife are two essential picnic accessories that you can now carry with you easily, so that you can cut your bread, cheese, apples, and any other delicious goodies you bring with you.


This is one of the best gifts for picnic lovers. Of course, you can always use this cutting board in your home as well - never again go hunting for a knife when you want to cut something, because it’ll be right there with the cutting board


Item Details:

  • Material of the cutting board: “Palo blanco” wood (also known as hackberry), characterized by its pale yellow color and its resistance to bending
  • Material of the knife slot: “Ron ron” wood, known for its reddish-brown color and density
  • Dimensions: 12"x8"x3/4" The knife slot is 1.5" wide, accommodating most larger knives easily.
  • Colors: The pale yellow of palo blanco and the deep red of ron ron wood.*
  • *Please keep in mind each cutting board will have vary slightly in color due to the woods’ natural grains and colors*
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Directly from the artisan

Care and Maintenance:

This handmade wood cutting board is easy to care for. Simply wash it with warm water and soap, rinse it, and dry it promptly. Do not leave it to soak or wash it in the dishwasher. Let the knife slot dry completely before placing the knife back in.