Navy blue cotton placemat

Unique Placemats for the Home

Casa de Los Gigantes’s natural woven placemats are amongst some of the rarest and most unique placemats you can find for your kitchen and dining set. They are a wonderful and stylish addition to any table setting.
These handwoven placemats are a perfect option for those who appreciate practical items but also wish to add elegance and style to their everyday lives. They make an authentic and exceptional gift for friends or loved ones but are also a wonderful way to treat yourself to something special for your home. Our unique placemats are made from 100% cotton, are handwoven in a rectangular shape, featuring a whimsical tassel in each corner. Each mat was woven using a traditional foot loom and was created using ancient Guatemalan weaving techniques mastered by the talented Guatemalan artisans we collaborate with. Our handcrafted placemats will help you add a new dynamic to your dining table, elevating it while keeping it clean from food and drink spills. While our placements are a thing of beauty, they are also highly durable and easily washable with water, making your after-meal clean-up pleasingly fast. The placemats’ intricate color schemes couple raw cotton tones with emerald green, indigo blue or sky gray to compellingly bring you a taste of Guatemalan nature straight to your dining table. Each piece available in our collection is directly sourced from the artisan who created it. Casa de Los Gigantes sources handmade gifts from natural materials that provide durability and uniqueness. Each of our items featured on our online store has a greater purpose to connect our customers with nature as well as the traditions and culture of the Guatemalan people. While creating our designs, we are also supporting the work of our skilled network of artisans who live and work in Guatemala. Shop the collection here.