Quilted Ball Ornaments Set of 6
Quilted Ball Ornaments Set of 6
Quilted Ball Ornaments Set of 6
Quilted Ball Ornaments Set of 6
Quilted Ball Ornaments Set of 6

Quilted Ball Ornaments Set of 6

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righten your home with this set of quilted ball ornaments made by hand using woven Guatemalan textiles. Each piece is slightly different from the others - no two are alike, but all of them are colorful and bright, meaning they are perfect for Christmas collectibles. They are also decorated with small gold-colored baubles that make them pop.


Because they are lightweight, these ornaments are easy to hang anywhere - on a Christmas tree, in your entryway, on a mantlepiece, or anywhere else you can think of! Because they aren’t breakable like glass or ceramic decorations, they are very kid-friendly and pet-friendly, which is always good! It also means they are very easy to store without worrying about a little piece breaking off, as you do with more delicate ornaments. They are the perfect Christmas house ornaments.


We have sets of 6 small quilted ball ornaments or 6 medium-sized quilted ball ornaments. Guatemalan textiles are an expression of the traditions and culture of this beautiful country (read more about the symbolism of the designs and colors at our blog!), so when you bring this into your home, you will be bringing a piece of Guatemala as well. Each piece of fabric that is included in this ornament was first woven by hand, either on a backstrap loom or a foot loom, and then pieced together to form this beautiful ornament. Add these beautiful quilted ball ornaments to your Christmas ornament traditions.


Item Details:

  • Materials: Cotton threads and cotton fabric pieces with Guatemalan textiles
  • Colors: Every ornament is different, but all of them feature a wide variety of bright colors* *Please note that due to this variety of colors, we cannot guarantee that the ornaments we send you have the exact same coloring as the ones in the pictures - it’s what makes them so special! We will, however, send you a picture of the set before we ship it so you can confirm the colors are okay with you.
  • Dimensions:
    • Small: approx 2.5” in diameter
    • Medium: approx 3.5” in diameter
  • Directly from the artisan


Care and Maintenance:

Wipe the ornaments with a damp cloth if you need to clean them. Do not put in water.