Holy Week pillow case
Handmade embroidered pillow
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Holy Week Storyteller Pillowcase

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This handmade pillow was embroidered after being woven on a backstrap loom and then emboidered by a cooperative of women. We call this multicolor pillow "The Storyteller Pillowcase" because it tells a story, depicting scenes from the Holy Week processions in Guatemala. A true piece of Guatemalan history, this multicolor pillow is made entirely from cotton with a green background and a colorful scene and figures. It took our artisans more than twenty-four hours to complete this beautiful piece of intricate artistry. Decorate your home this Easter with this gorgeous handmade pillow!

 Item details: 

    • Handwoven on a backstrap loom and then embroidered
    • 100% cotton 
    • Colors: Green background, multi-color embroidery reflecting the colors of Easter in Guatemala
    • Dimensions: 20"x20'
    • Directly sourced from artisan

Care & Maintenance

Hand wash your handmade pillow in cold water and hang to air dry in the shade. Do not place your pillow cover in the dryer or let it dry in the sun.