green table setting

Blue & Green Table Runners

The dinner table is much more than just a place to eat; it is a centerpiece for family living. Add a design touch to your table and bring your family together during mealtimes.
This blue and green table runners collection from Casa de Los Gigantes will help bring a special flair to your dining table and family gatherings. Perfect for those who enjoy handmade gifts with ethnic motifs and earth-friendly materials. These gorgeous green and blue table runners are handwoven using traditional techniques such as the jaspe (ikat) technique and are made exclusively from cotton fabric. The green table runners combine the color of raw cotton with vibrant emerald greens, whilst the blue table runners are created using alluring indigo blue tones. Our table runners will remind you of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, bringing a sense of nature and freedom to any living space. With their intricate patterns and color schemes, our table runners are designed to bring you closer to nature and embed this feeling into your interior spaces. So much of our lives are spent indoors - why not add a touch of nature to remind you of your outdoor roots? These stunning blue and green table runners also make the perfect gift for friends and family who are renovating their home or moving to a new one. They are an easy and tasteful way to embellish a table your family spends time at every day. Our authentic table runners are entirely handmade and handwoven by Guatemalan artisans. Their ethically sourced motifs embody the spirit of Guatemalan ancestral culture and help to keep the art of traditional weaving alive. Since each item is handwoven, it does need special care to ensure you can enjoy your items for years to come. You can find instructions on how to tend to your table runners or any other item you purchase from us under each item’s page. Casa de Los Gigantes offer various collections of handcrafted goods for customers worldwide. We continually expand our collections of handmade creative crafts. Our goal is to rejuvenate homes around the world while supporting the amazing work of our network of Guatemalan artisans.