Hand Carved Wooden Bar Spoon
Hand Carved Wooden Bar Spoon

Hand Carved Wooden Bar Spoon

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Any mixed drink needs to be stirred occasionally to blend the elements better, otherwise it begins to taste watered down. Nobody likes that. This is why a cocktail stirrer or a bar spoon is one of the most important bartending tools you can have on hand. This hand carved wooden spoon with its long handle was made by talented Guatemalan carpenters using cedar wood. It is the perfect cocktail stirrer and shows off the dark, rich tones of cedar wood. Each spoon is long enough to easily stir a drink in a pitcher and elegant enough to use for guests or just for yourself.


Any wood spoon adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to a meal or to cocktail supplies. Cedar wood in particular lends a deep, rich color that serves as wonderful decoration for your bar or table.


The perfect addition to your patio table when you serve delicious, refreshing lemonade to your guests, or to your indoor bar when you are serving delicious drinks to your guests as they stay inside to ward off the cold.


Item Details:

  • Material: Beautiful cedar wood
  • Dimensions: 11 x 1.5”
  • Colors: The beautiful deep colors and hues of cedar wood*
  • *Please note each spoon will vary slightly in color, due to the colors of the cedar wood itself*
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Directly from the artisan

Care and Maintenance:

This bar spoon should last you many years if cared for properly. Hand wash it in warm water and soap, and dry it off immediately. Never leave your bar spoon to soak in soapy water.