Unique Salt Cellar - Coffee Root Collection
Unique Salt Cellar - Coffee Root Collection
Unique Salt Cellar - Coffee Root Collection

Unique Salt Cellar - Coffee Root Collection

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This unique salt cellar with a lid and spoon is handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans using coffee root wood. The natural grains and form of the coffee root make every salt cellar one-of-a-kind, each one taking on the shape of the root from which it is made.


The details are what make this salt cellar special, eye-catching, and will definitely delight anyone who visits and uses it. The lid handle is shaped like a coffee bean, adding some whimsy, and the salt cellar’s smooth surface is pleasing to the touch and makes it easy to clean (no ridges to clean out!).


The lid and spoon mean you can safely store your salt, keep it dry, and serve it whenever you need it without having to look for a spoon.


This is an eco-friendly product. When coffee plants have reached a certain age, they are cut down. Our artisans craft this salt cellar with its spoon and lid, as well as the matching sugar bowl, out of coffee root wood in order to ensure that no part of the coffee plant is wasted - making this product sustainable and eco-friendly.


Combine it with our coffee root sugar bowl to make a set!


Item Details:

    • Materials: 100% coffee root grown sustainably in Guatemala
    • Salt cellar dimensions: 3” H x 3” diameter*
    • Spoon dimensions: 3.5” L x 0.5” W* 
    • Colors: The natural colors of coffee root wood*
    • Our woodworkers have finished the salt cellar, lid, and spoon with linseed oil in order to preserve the beautiful natural tones of the coffee root
    • Directly from the artisan
    • *Please note sizes, shapes, and colors vary slightly due to the natural form of the coffee root used to craft it - which is what makes these salt cellars so special*

Care and Maintenance:

As mentioned, this salt cellar with its spoon and lid is very easy to care for. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth when dirty and dry immediately. Never leave them to soak. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures, as they can cause the wood to crack.