Dance Of the Deer Legend

img_5296The dance of the deer is a very popular act performed in village festivals. The dance tells the story when the Spanish would visit different regions and watch the wildlife crossing their roads, they would turn to the Maya asking the names of the animals, they responded that they were called “deer”.


The Spanish asked repeatedly why don’t you kill deer to eat them.  They answered that they had no weapons to do so, plus they told the Spaniards that on a hill lived a hunter, who had permission to hunt deer with a blowpipe. Then the natives went in search of the old hunter and asked permission to Tzuultaq’a, God of the hill. The Spanish got a gun to hunt deer. Then the hunter and his companions in trying to hunt the deer realized that these animals were rabid, so they prepared a dance.

All accompanied the old hunter, the deer were also accompanied by the tiger, the monkey, the bull and others. When the dance ends the old hunter is carried by the monkeys, the bull, the tiger and the dog and asked to no longer hunt at the  river’s edge.   The hunter and his companions dance with joy because nothing happened to them when  he faced the rabid deer. With gun in hand the hunter tells the Spaniards: “I bring you the dead deer”. They quartered it then, and after finishing a grand meal, they all danced with joy with the old hunter.

Nowadays the dance it’s accompanied by marimba music and the dancers are dressed with colorful clothes and the animals masks.