wooden skeleton figurines

Decoraciones de Halloween para el hogar

Figuras de esqueleto de madera únicas para la decoración de tu hogar para Halloween o Día de los Muertos. Estas figuras de esqueleto genuinas, divertidas e indudablemente fascinantes serán una adición atractiva a tu colección de decoraciones de Halloween.
Each piece from our collection of wooden figurines is adorned with beautiful and meticulously created floral patterns. The vibrant splashes of colors and the intricate and ethically sourced characters add a special flair to any Halloween or Day of the Dead celebration. For example, the ‘Acrobat Skeleton Figurine’ from this collection pays homage to Central American traditions that honor the dead, whilst the ‘Decorative Skeleton Figurine’ was originally inspired by the Mexican remembrance holiday. Each figurine is hand carved from pine wood and painted by the skillful hands of Guatemalan artisans. Each item is sourced directly from the artisan who created it and delivered directly to you. Besides being authentic, our Halloween interior decor assets are also easy to store and maintain when you no longer wish to display them around the house. Parts of the more intricate figurines are removable so you can put them away safely to recreate them the following year. We use pine wood that is durable and well-treated to ensure your Halloween decorations will last you for many festivities to come. Casa de Los Gigantes sources all of its handmade gifts from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. All our craft products are handmade by our incredible network of artisans based in Guatemala using traditional techniques. Our crafts promote Guatemalan culture and ancestral traditions to the rest of the world and support the work of our community of craftsmen and craftswomen. See our available Halloween interior decor items here.