These cloth napkins from Casa de Los Gigantes are an ideal home accessory for those looking to enrich their kitchen or dining space with high-quality, reusable linen napkins.

Servilletas de tela algodón

Estas servilletas de Casa de los Gigantes son un detalle ideal para los que buscan enriquecer el espacio de su cocina o su mesa con servilletas de tela algodón reutilizables de alta calidad. La decoración con servilletas de tela es una de las maneras más simples de agregar elegancia a tu mesa.
Our collection of cloth napkins is entirely handwoven and sourced from local Guatemalan artisans living in remote parts of the country. These napkins are handmade from cotton, as cotton fibres are strong and absorbent, making it the perfect material for napkins and tablecloths. Cotton napkins are of course reusable, allowing you to wash your napkins and have them back on the table as often as you would like. These cloth napkins are suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions and more formal gatherings. Since they are so durable and practical, we offer these cotton napkins in a dozen colors, so you can choose a color that compliments your table setting and can be adapted for different mealtimes. Of course, they also make wonderful gifts for a friend or loved one to improve their kitchen or dining room. To protect the condition and longevity of your cotton napkins, it is recommended that you wash these reusable items in cold water only and leave them to air dry naturally. Like other handmade crafts and goods from Casa de Los Gigantes, our wonderful cloth napkins are here to bring warmth to the lives and living spaces of our customers, while supporting the work of our network of artisans. See all available cloth napkin colors here.