throw pillows in blue

Cojines en azul

Aquí en Casa de Los Gigantes, hemos creado una colección de cojines en azul, para cualquiera que quiera embellecer sus espacios interiores con tonos naturales y refrescantes que evocan recuerdos de ríos, lagos y paisajes marinos tranquilos.
Our decorative throw pillows in blue colors and shades are the perfect finishing touch for any room, whether it’s your bedroom or living room. Add a few pillows to your couch to instill some peace in your living spaces, or add them to a guest bedroom to surprise and delight your guests. While these pillows are great for brightening your own home, they also make unique gift orders for friends who are getting married or moving to a new home. These could also be a gift for an important upcoming anniversary. Casa de Los Gigante’s throw pillows mimic the colorful, vibrant patterns that are emblematic of Guatemala. They are handmade and hand-woven on a foot loom by Guatemalan artisans with seasoned knowledge of this technique, which is centuries-old. Each throw pillow cover is made of 100% cotton, making it a fine fusion of Guatemalan ancestral techniques and designs and modern innovation. Like all our other handcrafted items featured on our online shop, our throw pillow covers are handmade, and entirely sourced from earth-friendly materials. Our hand-crafted items are here to make nature part of our customers’ homes, by instilling warmth and a subtle sense of humanity. Take good care of your pillows and they will last you for years to come. Find out more about how to care, handwash and dry each item by reading the care instructions on each item’s page. Caring for each item separately will help retain the pillow cover’s original blue color or avoid any other unwanted damage. These are items to be treasured, take good care of them! With each purchase from our beautiful blue collection, you are supporting the careful network of artisans based and living in Guatemala. They work tirelessly to send high-quality and authentic crafts to customers worldwide.