Large Mosaic Cube with Lightbulb


The cubes are made of beautiful teak alternating between darker brown and gold colors, creating a mosaic of wood. There is space for a lightbulb, making it an unusual and visually stunning lamp. Because every piece is handmade, and because the natural grains of all wood are always slightly different, all of the pieces are unique. All wood is locally and sustainably harvested.

Los cubos están hechas de una hermosa teca que alterna entre los colores marrón oscuro y dorado, creando un mosaico de madera. Hay espacio para una bombilla, por lo que es una lámpara inusual y visualmente impresionante. Debido a que cada pieza está hecha a mano, y porque los granos naturales de toda la madera son siempre ligeramente diferentes, todas las piezas son únicas. Toda la madera se cosecha localmente y de manera sostenible.

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Our woodworkers have finished the shelves with mineral oil in order to preserve the natural tones for which teak wood is famous.

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Dimensions 14 x 14 x 3 in
Instructions for care:

Always keep wooden furniture and shelving away extremely from humid or dry conditions, as extreme temperatures can cause wood to expand or contract, causing small cracks.


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