Wood Cutting Board with Feet and Cutout
Wood Cutting Board with Feet and Cutout
Wood Cutting Board with Feet and Cutout

Wood Cutting Board with Feet and Cutout

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Getting your freshly chopped food from your cutting board to a plate isn’t always easy. Cutting boards with feet and a bowl cutout, like these, make life easier. They save you valuable time cleaning up and allow you to spend more time actually enjoying your food and, if you are hosting a gathering, your company. This gorgeous handmade cutting board was designed with these needs in mind and crafted in Guatemala by talented artisans.

The bowl cutout allows you to place a plate or bowl under your cutting board so that you can easily slide the food off onto the bowl. The juice groove around the edges helps keep juices from dripping off the edge of the cutting board, also saving you time in your cleanup.

This cutting board can double as a serving board, which is perfect because a wood serving board adds elegance to any meal.

The timeless combination of a lighter wood (called “palo blanco” in Guatemala) and a darker wood (known as “ron ron” in Guatemala), creates a product that is not only durable, but will look good in any setting.


Item Details:

  • Material: “Palo blanco” (hackberry) wood, known for its characteristic pale yellow color and a darker reddish-brown wood known as “ron ron.”
  • Cutting board dimensions: 16 x 12 x 2.5"
  • Colors: The natural colors of palo blanco and ron ron wood*
  • *Please note that each cutting board will have slight variations due to the woods’ natural colors and grains*
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Directly from the artisan

Care and Maintenance:

A solid wood cutting board is easy to care for if you follow a few simple steps. Rinse it when you are finished using it to avoid staining. Wash it by hand with warm water and soap and dry promptly. Do not place it in the dishwasher or in the microwave. If it is beginning to look dry, you can apply a coat of food-safe mineral oil.