12" Purple Wood Carved Nativity Set
12" Purple Wood Carved Nativity Set
12" Purple Wood Carved Nativity Set
12" Purple Wood Carved Nativity Set
12" Purple Wood Carved Nativity Set

12" Purple Wood Carved Nativity Set

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This unique carved nativity set will make a lovely addition to your Christmas collectibles and decorations this holiday season. Each piece is lovingly and meticulously carved by hand and hand-painted by our artisan partner in Guatemala. The nativity set is made of pine wood and the patterns are never repeated exactly because the artist creates each one based on his inspiration at the time. They are, however, always colorful, and this artist always includes floral patterns. Guatemalan nativity scenes are known for being truly stunning, and this one lives up to that reputation. In addition to the 9 pieces that belong to most nativities (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the 3 Kings, the crib, and a donkey and cow), this nativity is special because it also has a beautiful angel. Baby Jesus comes separately because the Guatemalan tradition is to put him in the crib on the night of Christmas Eve.

The colors of the nativity are unusual and striking. The robes blend a deep purple into a gentle pink and then into a fiery orange, all of which are decorated with floral details in various greens and blues. The result is truly beautiful. The nativity is also durable, and should therefore last a long time - meaning it won't need to be replaced soon. Its weight and the fact that it isn't fragile like a ceramic or glass nativity mean that you can store it easily. The cow's ears and horns are removable, as are hands and staffs of the three kings, meaning packing the set away will be even easier. *Please note that the small pieces can present a choking hazard for small children.*

This is larger than most nativities, which means it would be perfect for an outdoor nativity, on the porch, under the tree, or anywhere else where it can really stand out. 

Item details:

  • Materials: Includes 10 pieces (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the 3 Kings, the crib, an angel, and a donkey and cow)
  • Hand-carved and hand-painted from pine wood by a Guatemalan artisan
  • Colors: The robes of the figures blend purple, pink and orange with floral details in blues, greens, and pinks
  • Dimensions: 12" tall
  • Directly from our artisan partner

Care and Maintenance:

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry. Keep away from extreme temperatures.


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