The Art of Photography

June is a beautiful time of year here in Antigua. We are just beginning the rainy season. It’s sunny and bright in the morning and then clouds up in the afternoon, often raining in the evening. Some might say the clouds take away from the sky scape, but for photographers like Bérlin Juárez, these clouds offer better lighting for taking photographs.


Bérlin has been capturing beautiful images of Guatemala through his lens for 15 years. Originally learning his craft as a teenager living in a rough area of Guatemala City, photography was his way of staying away from the gang activity that is rampant there. With Fotokids, an educational organization that teaches about photography Bérlin first found his passion. Initially he learned about photography using an analog camera. He loved working in the darkroom and developing the images he captured. Fotokids taught him about  artists such as Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier Bresson, and Walker Evans. Later on he started working with digital cameras leaving the darkroom behind.

From Fotokids Bérlin went on to work on several projects including an episode of Star Wars, as well as assisting in a PBS special. Currently he runs a graphic design agency called Jakaramba. When he is not busy working their he shares his love of photography by teaching classes in areas similar to where he grew up where violet and gang activity are prevalent.  

“Energy, light and my family” are what most inspires his own work. When asked what is the best piece of advice he would give to anyone wanting to better their photography he said “More important than technique, time, knowledge and patience, learning to observe may lead you to take your next great picture.” We at Casa de Los Gigantes really value the work that Bérlin does. He has a great artistic eye and has helped us share the beauty of our artisan made products with the world by capturing them in his photos.

Come meet Bérlin and learn from him at our Photo hunt workshop. Bérlin will go over some techniques and then we will walk around town looking for photographable moments to practice your new skills on. Join us June 11th at 8:00am at the store. For more information please visit our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you!