Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts May 2019

Here our top 10 suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts, but if you’d like some more ideas, feel free to look at our past blog post 50 ideas for Mother’s Day gifts!

  1. For the traveler, we have travel bags to keep everything organized.
  2. For the decorator, we have brand new red & white embroidered pillows.
  3. For the kitchen master, we have trays and chef cutting & serving boards that can be engraved with a special message.
  4. For the mother who loves jewelry, we have our coffee root earrings & necklaces that can also be engraved.
  5. For the mother who carries around a million and one things, we have beautiful, elegant bags.
  6. For the fashionista, we have some incredibly delicate, light, and stunning white embroidered tops called huipils (pronounced weepeels) in the Picbil style, with the traditional designs from the Cobán area of Guatemala.
  7. For the coffee or tea drinker, we have mugs with paintings of Frida and empowering quotations.
  8. For the organizer, we have teak wood boxes of three different sizes which can be personalized with an engraving.
  9. For the host, we have some wooden bases that can be used to stack a variety of boquitas for their guests. They come as full circles, half-circles, or quarter circles.
  10. For the mother who loves bracelets, we have high quality bead bracelets made with a special Japanese technique that are elegant and fun.

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