50 gifts ideas for Mom

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is the perfect occasion to honor our moms, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and other special women in our lives with a gift “made by hand, ignited by heart and soul!” So here we present you with 50 ideas (one for each year of our store’s existence) for you to consider.

 For the traveling woman:

  • Luggage tags                             DSC_0198
  • Morralito (backpack)
  • Eyeglass case
  • Hanging cosmetic bag
  • Coin purse

For the woman artist in the kitchen:

  • Chef cutting board  (so she can feel like a professional in the kitchen)
  • Pizza board (for the Italian mom)                 IMG_1576
  • Butcher block (for when she has a army to feed)
  • Soup spoon (for preparing a delicious soup when the children are sick)
  • Pasta spoon (to serve some great pasta to the whole family)
  • Coffee root mortar and pestle
  • Coffee root salt cellar
  • Coffee root sugar bowl (for the mom with the sweeter heart)
  • Apron

For the hostess mom:

  • Sololá placemats (they will give life to the table) SS1_1
  • Antigua napkin rings (for the Antigüeña mom)
  • Pompom napkin rings (for the fun mom)
  • Sololá  coasters
  • Pine needle coasters
  • Corte table runner
  • Portable party (for the soul of the party mom)
  • Tapas board
  • Serving bowls

For the stylish mom:

  • Scarf on fire with color
  • Jaspe scarf           DSC_0117
  • Coban huipil (for the mom who wants to be cool)
  • Coban scarf  
  • Recycled jewelry (for the “Go Green” mom)
  • Friendship bracelets (for the best friend mom)
  • Shopping bag
  • Messenger bag
  • Small coin case
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Eyeglass case
  • Pompom earrings
  • Jewelry box made from coffee roots
  • Jewelry box made from pine needles

For the decorator mom:

  • Corte pillow case
  • Three Graces pillow case DSC_0417
  • Striped pillow case
  • San Juan pillow case
  • Decorative bird cages
  • Dome mirrors
  • Palopó cross (for the religious mom)
  • Unique jewelry box
  • Picture frames (for the grandchildren lover)
  • Teak adirondack chairs (so she can have a relaxing time)
  • Dance figurines
  • Pine needle butterflies (for the outdoor mom)
  • Pine needle flowerpots

Hope these suggestions will be useful, for more information about the products contact us.