Barista Cups - Set of 3 Sizes
Barista Cups - Set of 3 Sizes
Barista Cups - Set of 3 Sizes
Barista Cups - Set of 3 Sizes

Barista Cups - Set of 3 Sizes

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This set of handmade ceramic mugs in 3 sizes is the perfect addition to your coffee bar. The talented artisan who made these mugs designed them with great care so that they would be the perfect barista cups. Their wide mouths, elegant handles, stone and sand color scheme, and varied textures make them the ideal cups to drink from and hold as you relish every sip. The upper part of the exterior of the mug and its interior are a delicate smooth, off-white that feels silky. The lower part of the mug’s exterior is a stone color that shows off the natural tones of the clay and has fine ridges that add a unique, soothing texture to the mug as you cradle it in your hand.


These elegant specialty coffee cups come in a set of 3 sizes: a 2-ounce espresso cup, a 6-ounce cappuccino cup, and a 10-ounce latte cup. Each is handcrafted in Guatemala and truly allows your favorite coffee drink to shine.


Item Details:

  • Materials: 100% ceramic
  • Colors: Off-white and stone color theme on the cup exterior and off-white on the interior.
  • Dimensions:
    • The espresso cup holds 2 ounces and is 2.2” tall, diameter of 2.5” at its widest point.
    • The cappuccino cup holds 6 ounces and is 2.5” tall, diameter 4” at its widest point.
    • The latte cup holds 10 ounces and is 3.2” tall, diameter of 4.2” at its widest point.
  • Entirely handmade
  • Directly from the artisan
  • Set of 3 (one of each size)


Care and Maintenance:

Wash your new artisan mugs by hand in soapy water and dry. They should not be washed in the dishwasher.